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Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Eating Breakfast

You hear the alarm clock blaring and decide to hit snooze. Just five more minutes, you sleepily promise yourself. Before you know it, five minutes turn into 10, then 20. Suddenly, you only have time to throw on clothes, brush your teeth and rush out the door. Breakfast? Who has time for that?

We've all been there before. Often, other life factors take precedence over a healthy breakfast. We sleep too long, or we wait until the last minute to get moving. Some women skip breakfast just because they do not have an appetite in the morning. Other times, we eat breakfast, but we do not make healthy choices. We feel the crash of doughnuts or leftover potato chips hit us by early afternoon.

Although sleep is important, as is getting to work on time, breakfast needs to make the list of your daily must-dos. Breakfast should not be something you only enjoy on your days off. You deserve to treat yourself to a nourishing breakfast every day of the week.

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