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Monday, December 19, 2016

David Justin Urbas - 3 Reasons you are not losing weight

In the world of health and fitness, often times you face questions for which you have no answers for…well, initially.  Things are even more challenging if your work is in the fitness trainer or nutritionist role. Frequent questions include, ‘Why do I keep gaining weight?’…‘What is wrong with my diet?’…‘How do I lose belly fat?’ and the list goes on.  More often than not there is no ‘one size fits all solution’ as there are many genetic and lifestyle related variables that must be considered.  People keep whining that they’re not losing weight regardless of the time and effort they’re investing in the kitchen and gym, the boohooing can finally stop…

Stop drinking your calories!

‘Well, I eat healthy pretty much all day and my portion size is moderate…I exercise five times a week but still, I’m not losing weight!’ This is a classic case put forward by most of my clients. The first thing that needs to be clarified in such a case concerns your choice of beverage.  Do you consume too much soda?  Indulge in an afternoon smoothie or shake?  Do you ‘jump start’ your day with excess juice or a fancy latte?  It is a basic misconception that drinking calories doesn’t matter. Truth be told, an average can of soda contains around 200 – 250 calories. Consume 3 to 4 of those per day and you’re drinking 50% of your calories for a woman at an average height. Lesson 1….put a lid on your liquid calories and monitor the nutrition labels!

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