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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Best 10 Natural Skin Care Remedies for All Skin Types During Winter

True beauty is associated with healthy and glowing skin. Various skin types include oily, normal, dry and sensitive. Many men and women have a combination of skin types in different parts of their skin. Winter weather affects the skin in various ways. Dry skin is a common result of seasonal weathering.

Chilly winter air lacks humidity and dries out natural oils in the skin. The skin also gradually loses its natural moisture during the winter. Bitter winter wind may lead to rough and cracked skin that can feel uncomfortable. These 10 natural skin care tips are the ultimate answer to the question of how to get a clear face in a week this winter.

Causes of Dry Skin

There are several causes of dry skin. Here we have jotted down a few common causes.

  • During the winter, the dry air leaves the skin parched.
  • Steamy showers can soothe the body, but can cause the skin to become dry because steamy showers can dry out the natural oils in the skin more rapidly.
  • Detergents and harsh soaps can make the skin dry.

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