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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

David Justin Urbas - Fitness bands, with Doctors attached

There’s a rubber burger on his table, a placebo to discourage the consumption of the actual thing. A picture of him running a marathon hangs on the wall of his office in suburban Mumbai. There’s another of him at the Mount Everest base camp. You certainly can’t fault Vishal Gondal, 39, founder and CEO of fitness technology company GOQii, for not practising what he preaches. “Everything we tell you to do, we do ourselves,” he likes to say.

Two years ago, when Gondal—who had sold his mobile gaming company Indiagames to Disney for $100 million in 2011—launched GOQii, it was met with a mix of scepticism and intrigue. “Of course, people were doubtful,” he says. The ecosystem Gondal had created with GOQii included a wearable fitness tracker and access to health coaches on a subscription-based platform. The platform itself was hardware agnostic, meaning you could use other wearables brands like Fitbit and Jawbone or even an iPhone to use it. It’s no surprise then that Gondal insists that GOQii isn’t really a wearables company but a broader preventive health care firm. “Earlier, the proposition was the band that comes with the coach, now it is the coach that comes with the band.”

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